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It’s only Welsh Lamb for us!

For those of you who know me personally, you’ll know I’m very proud of my Welsh roots. From a traditional farming background, I know just how important the ‘real deal’ is, when it comes to meat. Having completed a stint at Ballymaloe Cookery School across the pond, and previously worked as a chef in Europe and Australia, I like to think that for a General Manager, I know my stuff. And in my (totally non-biased) opinion, us Welsh do it best. If you thought I was just blowing my own Welsh trumpet, ask head chef Harry, he’ll back me up!


This is why on our Spring Menu, we’re featuring Welsh rack of Lamb, from our friends at Clwydian Vale Welsh Meats. Ran by David and Alex Tilley, with over 70 years farming experience, they bring the best in Welsh meat from field to fork with minimal fuss, reducing the animals stress, and improving the meat’s flavour for your total enjoyment. All meat is of only the best meat-to-bone ratio, whilst maintaining enough fat to ensure the tastiest flavor possible. Alex and I also have something in common – as we both studied at Ballymaloe!

Join us from the 2nd of March, and enjoy Harry’s Welsh Lamb creation, Lamb Rack with Sweet Potato Rösti, Sweetheart Cabbage and Sage Jus.

See you soon, Rob x



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